Disinfectant Stand

Disinfectant Stand

hygiene stands with the BEST PRICE

Very fast and free shipping

Very fast and free shipping

Delivery from 3 to 5 days

Protect your family

Protect your family

Maintain permanent sterilization

Easy Stand's description

It is a high quality sterilization platform with a great design that expresses your business

How to Product

Custom desing

Only logo for : ( Pdf ,Corel ,Eps , Ai)

Multilingual design


طباعة باللغة العربي

مع تعليمات خاصة تتعامل مع فيروس كورونا

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Print in English

With special instructions on the corona virus.

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Türkçe baskı

Corona virüsü ile ilgili özel talimatlarla.

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Druck auf Deutsch

Mit speziellen Anweisungen zum Corona-Virus.

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Shopping Method

Shipping and receiving between 3 to 5 days

Free Shipping

Where is it used?

In markets, restaurants, hotels, factories, homes, etc.

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To get rid of corona


Per piece


  • Width :30cm ,High:120cm
  • The frame is of iron
  • Print on flex
  • Modern designs
  • With the Press of the foot
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Producer price with shipping to all available countries

Germany130 EURO
United States130 EURO
Andora130 EURO
Austria130 EURO
Belgium130 EURO
Bosnia and Herzegovina130 EURO
Bulgaria130 EURO
Gibraltar130 EURO
Czech Republic130 EURO
Denmark130 EURO
Finland130 EURO
France130 EURO
guernsey130 EURO
Netherlands130 EURO
Hong Kong130 EURO
England130 EURO
Eire130 EURO
Spain130 EURO
Sweden130 EURO
Switzerland130 EURO
Italy130 EURO
Japan130 EURO
Jersey130 EURO
Canada130 EURO
Canary Islands130 EURO
Liechtenstein130 EURO
Luxembourg130 EURO
Hungary130 EURO
Malaysia130 EURO
Malta130 EURO
Mexican130 EURO
Monaco130 EURO
Norway130 EURO
Poland130 EURO
Portugal130 EURO
Romania130 EURO
Singapore130 EURO
Taiwan130 EURO
Greece130 EURO
Albania175 EURO
Azerbaijan175 EURO
Bahrain175 EURO
Belarus175 EURO
United Arab Emirates175 EURO
People's Republic of China175 EURO
Indonesia175 EURO
Estonia175 EURO
Faroe Islands175 EURO
Philippines175 EURO
Greenland175 EURO
Georgia175 EURO
India175 EURO
Croatia175 EURO
Iranian175 EURO
Israel175 EURO
Iceland175 EURO
Train175 EURO
Kazakhistan175 EURO
Cyprus175 EURO
Kirghizistan175 EURO
South Korea175 EURO
Kosovo175 EURO
Kuwait175 EURO
Latvia175 EURO
Lithuania175 EURO
Lebanon175 EURO
Makai175 EURO
Macedonia175 EURO
Egypt175 EURO
Mongolia175 EURO
Republic of Moldavia175 EURO
Uzbekistan175 EURO
Pakistan175 EURO
Russian Federation175 EURO
Slovakia175 EURO
Slovenia166 EURO
Syria167 EURO
Saudi Arabia168 EURO
Tajikistan169 EURO
Thailand170 EURO
Tunisia171 EURO
Ukraine172 EURO
Oman173 EURO
Jordan174 EURO
Yugoslavia175 EURO

More information about the product

Disinfectant Stand

Our company, which produces disinfectant stands, is producing disinfectant hygiene stands with the BEST PRICE and disassembled products, we manufacture sheet twist stands. disinfectant stand can also be called a hygiene stand. manual devices pedal disinfectant stand is provided to be disinfected with customers’ hands, cologne, hand disinfectant etc. products.

The disinfectant stand is used especially in public areas, and with the current corona epidemic, various measures are taken in their businesses to show that businesses care about the health of their customers and employees. One of these is the hygiene stands, that is, disinfectant stands placed at the entrance to the facility or inside. The disinfectants that we are used to seeing in hospitals are now in our house, and we look like they will be more common. Municipalities will either advertise the disinfectant stand that can be used in their own buildings or market entrances, libraries, foundation associations, health centers, classrooms, courses, educational institutions and private enterprises, which will ensure the hygiene of the business.

The disinfectant stand is made by many companies with the most affordable prices. Our models have metal stands. Our metal stands are more durable and last longer than wooden stands. There is a disinfectant stand for every budget. It can be produced in special production according to your request in high quantity orders.